Amazing Garden Wind Spinners

Are you looking for something lovely to add to your lovely garden? For most people flowers are just enough but flowers alone can’t keep your garden beautiful throughout the year. Plants are seasonal and it is because of this reason that flowers can only keep your garden beautiful during a certain season depending on the type of plant you have. Garden wind spinners can be a lovely add-on to your garden because they solve the issue of having a seasonal plant. The Vegi garden store is the perfect place to get your garden wind spinners and below are some of the cool featured spinners.

Featured wind spinners

  • Fan26530 – this is a very cool 3D copper butterfly spiral hanging wind spinner that you can add to your garden. The wind spinner is made with a beautiful sculpted butterfly that has bright multi vibrant colors so you can be assured that people can notice it from far. It comes with a solar light that adds flair to the beautiful sculpture. It is easy to clean and it is a self-reliant product so that means you only need to install it and it can automatically charge its batteries.


  • Fan25330 – This is also another amazing 3D wind rotator spinner. It is huge and it measures 48 inches with a colorful patio dual-direction decor for outdoor gardens. Its size and vibrant color make it easy to spot the spinner from far.


The Vegi garden store has both the above wind spinners on sale so why not place your order today?

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