Decorating your courtyard in low budget with artificial ivy vines

“Alas I don’t have even a small garden in my house 🙁 “

“I wish i could have a small plant area in my home”

“I can’t afford indoor plants but I wish I could”

“I want to turn my room into greenery on my wedding night but that would cost too much, considering it’s only for a day”

Do you have any of the above wishes? Or you want to decorate your home with plants, ivories and flowers? Or you have plans of having a complete greenery theme on your wedding and afraid of the cost? Your fear has the reason. The prices of indoor plants have rise to an alarming level. Some of them are reaching $1000+. Definitely you can’t afford to spend money on such things unless you have earnings in thousands of bucks each month.

But thanks to artificial plants manufacturers, they have made it all possible at lower prices. You can decorate your courtyard with beautiful decorated rattan. These are handcrafted masterfully, no one can judge from the first look, that these are artificial and not real. Made from durable material makes them your long lasting solution.

And if you need them for wedding decoration, there are a variety of artificial ivy vines / wedding vines. And there are a number of new rattan items for wedding decoration waiting for you. Succulent artificial lover tears are the most recent ones I came across. Beautifully designed tear shaped hanging ivy can provide you a unique wedding theme.

As far as prices and affordability is concerned, you can make your wish come true. Yes you can have a garden kind of look in your house. You can afford indoor plants (although these are not real but can give a real-like look), ivy vines hanging in your courtyard, around your stair railing. And all that in only a few bucks. That’s indeed an affordable and attractive solution to your decoration related worries.

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