Orchid Simulation Potted Flowers

Flowers and beauty go hand in hand. Flowers are one of the most beautiful and love-filled decors regardless of any occasion. Each flower has its own special meaning. The most common ornamental plants to decorate your home are orchids. They represent love, luxury, beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, maturity, charm, and strength. The main drawback of fresh flowers is that they eventually wilt off. They are also expensive and you have to continuously replace them. Ordinary flowers lose the charm of real ones and so, we, at the VEGI garden store, specially design our artificial flowers to look completely life-like.  We use a combination of environment-friendly plastic and texture cloth and are supported by an iron line to create the exact feel of real orchids. These can be placed anywhere regardless of the temperature and light of the environment.

The features that make our flowers stand out from the rest are:

  • The bunch of flowers is thicker than normal with around 30 large flower heads in each set. Having a large flower head makes the bunch look more attractive and brightens any room.
  • The bunch is forked here and there making it look completely natural. It has around 10 forks.
  • Each bunch has dual-colored flowers: yellow and dark orange, white and green, double red, double purple, white and dark orange, and double champagne.
  • The diameter of large flowers is 4cm making them brilliant and colorful.
  • They are lightweight, weighing 0.5 kgs and 42cm tall.


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